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Dedicated to health care, hospitals are the healing centres for a host of diseases and other physical & mental conditions. Progen’s SPV power plant solutions power their state-of-the art¬†technology and infrastructure to serve the masses, enabling hospitals to lessen their cost of service and also reduce CO2 emissions. We feel proud and honoured to have the opportunity to service the hospitals.

Site Location Location Site Capacity (KW) Grid Type Installation Method Generation Per day (KWh)
1 Paalana Hospital Palakkad 200 On Grid Roof Top 800
2 Mary Queen Mission Hospital Kanchirappally 100 On Grid Roof Top 400
3 Sivasakthi Hospital Trichy 20 On Grid Roof Top 80
4 RPS Hospital Salem 20 On Grid Roof Top 80
5 Holy Cross SOC SEAD Trichy 18 On Grid Roof Top 72
6 Shanmuga Priya Hospital Souripalayam, Coimbatore 9 On Grid Roof Top 36
7 Joseph Hospital Erode 3 On Grid Roof Top 12
8 Paalana Hospital Palakkad 100 On Grid Roof Top WIP